RPA predictions for 2021.

RPA growth post Covid-19, RPA Predictions for 2021, TOP 10 RPA effects in 2021
Amazon growth is Exponential During and Post Covid-19
Top 10 RPA effects in 2021
  1. Microsoft is negotiating on acquiring Softomotive (a UK based RPA startup) is a good News as not only British Companies Like Blue Prism but also start-up like Softomotive is flexing muscles in RPA Competitive Environment.
  2. RPA Adoption will grow across the globe.
  3. Global robotic process automation has come a long way since 2018. At the time, RPA software purchases amounted to $73 million. This increased to $113 million in 2017, $153 million in 2018, and $192 million in 2019. In 2020, HFS Research estimates that this figure will rise to $232 million, and by 2021 to $272 million. These projections indicate that there is strong growth in RPA adoption in the global market. RPA services have increased rapidly since 2016, rising from $198 million to $630 million in 2019. By 2021, that figure is expected to rise to 3 Billion.
  4. Big cheer up for British RPA Enthusiast and Blue Prism has Real Opportunity to Start Community Version / Community Approach.
  5. Right now, RPA is used by banking, telecommunications domain, and finance. Next year it will be embraced by Manufacturing, Retail, Analytics, Aviation, Oil and Gas, and Legal.
  6. Reality checks about fit will follow.
  7. Unfortunately, Automation Anywhere may have a big-time Competition and need to realign to be in the Top Three Position. Pega may try and end up to boost its position in the Top Five.
  8. UiPath will Thrive as Usual and will retain its top position in 2021.
Hospitals may be first to Accept RPA Transformation

9. Industries like Hospitality, Insurance, Retail, Mortgage, Card, and Telecoms may need to align with new Technologies and big Investments in RPA. Intelligent automation will get another turn in the spotlight

10. HyperAutomation is Disruptive and Big Automation/ End to end Automation in the long term is inevitable. Technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Augmented reality is a going to the Brain of RPA. Where RPA+(AI+ML+AR)= HyperAutomation

Finally – There may be a lack of RPA Ninjas in British RPA Market.

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